On-demand Webinar: Smart Selling Tools “Sales Stack” 

A One-Stop Shop for Everything Salespeople Need to be at Peak Productivity

Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time is a struggle that has plagued Marketing, Sales, IT, and Operations teams for years. Before deploying a Sales Enablement Automation Platform, Lord Abbett, a leading investment manager, dealt with common content delivery struggles like version control, lack of data security, time-consuming set up, and restrictive content sharing in email, among others.

The time came for a change, from disparate siloed content repositories to a one-stop shop for everything salespeople need to be at peak productivity – Bigtincan Hub.

In this webinar, Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools and Steven Then, Senior End User Services Engineer, discuss how Lord Abbett uses Bigtincan and how they achieved:

  • Optimized content delivery, eliminating content overload and time-consuming searching
  • Increased visibility into content usage analytics
  • More personalized, timely, valuable client engagements